One family man’s truthful story on how these Governmental policies and cuts are affecting his family.

Mr Cameron,

Since May 2010 when your coalition party came to office I have sat here and took great interest in how your coalition governments policies would have a devastating effect on our nations citizens indeed I have blogged and tweeted much about it and tried to do what I can to help my fellow citizens after all it was you that said “BIG SOCIETY” in a keynote speech.

big broken societyWe are helping people to come together to improve their own lives.The Big Society is about putting more power in people’s hands – a massive transfer of power from Whitehall to local communities. We want to see people encouraged and enabled to play a more active role in society.

I think it is safe to say and many would agree, rather than bringing citizens together you are literally driving them away with your defunct bedroom tax policies and if not driving them away you are killing them. Do you call cutting surestart centres and many other great community facilities a part of the great Big Society plan? because I certainly don’t because surestart centres are not just a place of caring for children they are also a place where parents talk and get to know each other and thus are community building.

I am not subject to bedroom tax because I own my own home via a mortgage, however that does not mean I am excluded from your draconian cuts far from it and if the truth is known I now feel a bit guilty for owning my own home why? because I was one that brought a council house under the Thatcher years and believed that the money would be invested in new council housing which it was not even now that is not happening how it should be.

However come October when my Contribution ESA runs out I may have to sell up due to not being able to meet the payments any longer you see I have morality and never claimed mortgage interest relief like many of you MP’s have because I am off the opinion right or wrong that it was my choice to buy it and thus see no reason why the Government should help in paying for it and when it is paid for I can feel safe in the knowledge that it is truly mine.

Never in my time have I seen a political party that is so out of touch with reality and has no morality, indeed right now I am very disillusioned and scared of what the future holds for me and my family because gone are the time when a family could plan ahead into the future and be safe in the knowledge that they were respected at work and could have a long and fruitful career.

I live in my 4 bedroomed home with 6 others and it is overcrowded with my eldest son his partner and their 8 month old son in one room, our elderly mum in another room my youngest son in another plus me and my wife in the other that is four generations in one house but don’t get me wrong because I love it but it should not be that way because my eldest son his partner and baby should be in there own property but cannot afford too because the council will not house them as they are under 25 yrs old and private rents are sky high so they have to live here until the council is prepared to house them.

Our mother is ill and disabled she lives here in a room that is too small for her indeed her doctor and health visitor has told her this but she cannot move back into the bigger room she had because my son partner and baby are in there.

She does not want to go into a care home because she loves being with us and after all all her memories are here in this house she once shared with her husband indeed this is the reality you MP’s do not see or understand.

We would not move her out anyway because we love her and it is our duty to look after her until her dying days so clap your hands Mr Cameron because yet again you have saved a fortune in care home fees and not only that the pittance of carers allowance my wife got for all these years you want back yes my wife is being threatened by you bully boys to pay back over 10 years worth of carers allowance coming to over 16k , my you must be a proud man without an ounce of morality I may add.

I should be right now having a rest due to fatigued caused by my SAH Stroke to give my overworked brain a rest but the fact is I cannot because I have so much I want to say, that is an impossible task.

So not only has my wife cared for her mother she has also cared for me, due to having a life threatening SAH Stroke at just 27 years old through no fault of my own and had to have a deep invasive craniotomy followed by 2 months of induced coma, my surgeon gave me the choice of have the operation or die can you imagine that Mr Cameron blimey what a choice to be given and if I knew then what I know now I would probably have given up.

However I did not and am testament to the good life that can be had following an SAH Stroke  but boy you and your Government have not made it any easier in your time in office because between April 1990 and September 2008 I never claimed a penny in government help and went back to work full time, yes I know I was entitled to DLA but again I had morals and rightly or wrongly thought there was citizens more in need of it than me besides I was working on a good wage at the time so could live without it however that changed when I was made redundant in 2008 due to the financial meltdown.

Do you remember saying ” No one should claim benefits unless they had a real need” well that was me long before you said that comment and thus thought when the time came the government would look after me, after all I have bailed the government out all these years and saved them thousands of pounds how wrong was I indeed they have not an ounce of decency or morality and is where this government is so fucked up.

Mr Cameron I am really tired of your party politics which serves no useful purpose at all, you constantly blame The Labour Party for all the ills in government and yes whilst they may not be perfect tell me a party that is in the 21st century, but at least they did more to raise the living standards of many and thus bring them out of poverty than your coalition will ever do and that Mr Cameron is worth it at any cost and should be praised.

You said after the local elections that your party had to do more to win back the vote of the electorate due to losing many seats well you can start by bringing back some dignity to peoples lives by scraping the bedroom tax, stop treating the ill and disabled with such disdain and scrap the ATOS Contract in totality because it is an absolute disgrace.

Capitalism is a fine thing when it is working right with the right balance after all that is what brings a vibrant society and growth that this country so desperately needs but that fact it is not working in the right balance and citizens are suffering gravely.

It is time to weigh up other nations policy and ask ourselves is it good for us not go ahead and follow them knowing full well it will never work for us. We should be using other nations policy as a yardstick for us only and research it more, look at the NHS a prime example that appears to be following the american model to prop up the insurance industry, it is not working there as many are excluded from healthcare due to not being able to afford the insurance cost so what makes you think it will work here? because it will put more profits in the hands of MP’s with an interest in the healthcare market?

There are many many more examples of where our government is going wrong but I would need a bundle of A4 to write it all, but you can see where you have got it all wrong and thus will need more than the 2 years you have left in office to put it all right.

You have created a society of doom and gloom and no hope and thus will never create any sizable growth as that takes more than money alone, it takes citizens of all walks of life as well and all you have done is demonize them and lost their trust.

So Mr Cameron it is goodbye from me and goodbye from him because I have done enough to bail you out of this mess you have caused.



    • Thank You Joanne my family is fine and I’m working my hardest to keep us all together but it is trying at times as we all do not see eye to eye at times, however we are living in very troubled times so keeping together and not falling out with each other is a must.

  1. blessings to yu my friend /my heart goes out to yu and yur dear family and all yu have said are my sentiments exactly about this sadistic shower/i feel for so many poor people and myself who is now beng targeted /the elderly /as yu know are next on their hitlist i like yu have worked ALL my life even whilst bringing the kids up /majority of the time ALONE but that didnt phase me i still worked and now when i should feel secure at my age I DONT im scared of what they ll do next to us im alone too which makes it harder and scarier as im one of the POOR pensioners with naff all in bank plus no 1 to turn to /i pray every nite for them to get their due KARMA and soon so that people can be left in peace and wont have to top themselves how i would love the chance to tell that bully and co all i feel to his arrogant face just how yu have in this brilliant letter i SALUTE YU x

  2. Thank you, well said, I dont think Cameron will care because its not about people with him, Its about money. He Has forgotten the poor, the old and the sick. Lets hope he gets really ill at some point in his life and when he needs help it wont be there. All the very best to you and yours sir.

  3. My late Granddad used to say” i wished I could right a letter” whenever he heard or read something which he thought was callous or uncaring..Having read this passionate and moving letter I understand what he meant..I wish you and all of your family the very best and sincerely

    hope that there are better times to come after the removal of this dreadful government.

  4. You are an absolutely wonderful guy and a true friend. I will support you through ‘thick and thin’ Let’s be done with the CON/DEMnation.

  5. So true, thank yo you speek for many people , out of work through illness and disability, with no hope, though wishing, they could return to work. Blessings to you and your family, I hope everything works out well for you and you don’t have to lose your Home. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. You are re energizing other peoples fighting spirit also… keep up the good work x blessings to you and yours xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Well said, this government needs to be kicked out before 2 ys, else there be riots and more people dead on their hands, im being forced to go bk to work knowin full well im not fit for work, (even my doctors are giving me sick notes, but they obviously must think my doctors cant do their jobs ) because i just cant afford to live on the money they paying. I have lived in my flat 8 yrs now, its 3 bed but because im living alone and in the private sector, they will only give me single room rent, i shudnt have to move out of my home to a bedsit, its not like my rent is high either, £395 per month is all i pay which is excellent value for what i rent, but those 2 extra rooms is y my local council wont pay all of it, thankfully i have another source of help for my rent, else id b homeless now 😦

  8. Well said, hope the plonker listens…..but to be honest, he’s got his head stuck so far up his posterior he appears to be finding it difficult to see or hear. Wishing you all the very best xxx

  9. yet another whose affected by this our loving government who make all the right noises how they helping us get better yep whilst taking our benefits away from us after paying into this pot for 40odd years yes they are our loving government daily abusing more daily jeff3

  10. I hope things work out well for you and your family, we are suffering to because of the bedroom tax, one month and i am already crippled by it, but dont let the bastards grind you down

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