Stephanie Bottrill Blamed The Government For Her Suicide And So Should The Rest Of Us

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war-on-the-poorWhen a stock-broker throws themselves out of a window due to financial pressures it is presumed – by the right wing press at least, if not the rest of us – to be a tragedy.

Yet when the same events occur in the lives of someone not just working class, but on benefits, the reaction of some is to immediately start a hunt for character or lifestyle flaws in the recently deceased.  “She can’t have been poor, she had a cat” was the astonishing reaction of one person on twitter to news of the suicide of a grandmother driven to the desperate act by the bedroom tax.  It can’t be long before right wing cheerleaders of welfare reform join the bandwagon, no doubt to be led by yet more crass utterances from Tory Ministers.  After all Iain Duncan Smith said he could live on £53 a week, so what…

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3 thoughts on “Stephanie Bottrill Blamed The Government For Her Suicide And So Should The Rest Of Us

  1. Poor poor Stephanie Bottrill. Her death is symptomatic of all that is wrong with this Government. Politics? They do not know the meaning of the word…nor of the concept. How dare you Cameron? How very dare you spout about how much you care? How much you want to help the poor? Drivel. Verbage. And you expect to stay in your exalted, nay, privileged little bubble till May 2015?

  2. people’s nasty remarks made about what should have got rid of her cat, there is some sick people around, as if that would of helped, it wouldn’t, keep your nasty remarks to yourself, and pay your respects to a lady who deserves it, she wasn’t mentally ill, if anything she was driven to be made mental by people like the government in power, and having to deal with nasty people that seem to get a kick out of somebody who has died and should be left to rest in peace, pity you can’t feel the same for all

  3. Reblogged this on HUMAN RIGHTS & POLITICAL JOURNAL and commented:
    Bleesed be the angels. May the Lord keep you safe in his warm embrace, sending prayers to your dear family. May your rest in peace. One day this Conden-nation will have stand before the Lord. How can you sleep at night. 😦

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