Nadine Dorries MP what a disgrace

Nadine Dorries MP, contestant in I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of HereIf  you wanted concrete proof that MP’s in their capacity as ministers for parliament working for us “The British Taxpayers well here it is.

One Nadine Dorries MP who should be voting in our best interests on what she believes to be what is right and just for us the people has done exactly the opposite.

The article is here:

On the rebel EU Vote she did not vote on what she though was right but merely voted to have a stab at the Prime Minister for taking away the whip for 6 months because once again she decided to put her pocket before her constituents who voted her into office and go flying to australia for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

nadine dorries

We can safely say:

Nadine Dorris you are a disgrace and have shown concretely what we all knew that MP’s are in office for there own gain and not what is best for the british people.


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