Mr Cameron your Government has tragically failed

No doubt many of you have read the press, watched the news of how many many people are struggling under the measures put in place by this coalition but many have not and I still believe that the ones who can help to change this mess of draconian policies are not sure of the effect they are having on the most vulnerable in our society.

Yes the press and media do print articles when it suits them or the coalition and if they believe such articles will sell papers or increase the viewing figures that is after all the capitalistic animal we all live under and partly how poverty is created besides the cuts to incomes.

This week we heard of the tragic circumstances of the suicide of  Stephanie Bottrill and I thank the press and media for finally reporting this tragedy that should never have happened, however one sky reporter said that this was most likely due to a combination of circumstances and not the bedroom tax alone.

Now there maybe some merit in that remark and I will go on some more about that in a moment, however it was the bedroom tax that pushed her over the edge but when will this government wake up and recognize that this death is one too many and action MUST be taken to stop this because she like all of us had the right to live and the government has a right to see that no one should be pressed and cornered into taking such action.

The Government and more importantly the DWP and it’s ministers have thus failed a nation because had parliamentary due process and impact assessments been carried out just maybe it would never have come to this indeed the coalition is hell bent in rushing through policy and it’s fruits are being laid bare for all to see.

We are living under a period of doom and gloom that is doing more damage to this nation as a whole that our Government fail to recognize indeed it probably was not just the £20 bedroom tax charge she had to pay , but a combination of cuts to her income and the fact she had lived in this house for a long time with many treasured memories and thus felt safe and that is the human cost this Government does not or refuses to understand.

The fact remains this should never have happened and had council and affordable LHA housing been built which is the fault of all governments after the council housing sell off and not just this coalition and had landlords been regulated better so that private rents never went through the roof like they have due to the dirty face of capitalism maybe society would be happier all round.

Sometimes as this tragic event has shown there is more to life than money alone and on that basis Mr Cameron has a long way to go if he wants to win back the electorate as he made a point of saying after the local elections because a Prime Minister WILL be judged on how he looked after his own people.

RIP  Stephanie Bottrill the Government have failed you but the people have not forgotten.



4 thoughts on “Mr Cameron your Government has tragically failed

  1. Yes indeed …what happened to “politico, politicus”? “Of the people, for the people”? This travesty that dares call itself Government fails to acknowledge people. We are prols. Numbers to be crunched.

    Unfortunately Stephanie Bottrill will prove to be the first in a long line of desperate, disillusioned unemployed people. Worthy, valid,valid,real people with

    • Worthy, valid people with real needs, emotions, more morals than our government, more heart than Cameron, more genuine caring in our little fingers than any self-interested greedy minister, more tolrance & less judgementalism than Our
      Leaders. Why there hasnt been a mass civil uprising is must be that we are too weakened by poor diet & low immunity
      & too poor

      • We the prols are too poor to travel to protest en masse. The mighty web is our only weapon..many are too subdued by alcohol & calming drugs (legal & otherwise) to summon the wherewithal to complain. The more alert might well decide complaining is a waste of time & energy ..who cares enough to take note? Our Illustrious Leaders? Hrmph. We are numbers.
        them. But their reckoning is blind to their own future. Steph Bottrill is the mere tip of the melting iceberg. The floodgates are open. We shall all.drown

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