Show Your Dissent!


For those considering or who have decided not to vote; you think it isn’t worth it because they are all much alike. But when you think ‘all alike’ I will assume you mean the Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats. And I agree; but a vote for an independent or a fringe party will not make a difference- or will it?

Consider this; in your area, one of these three is elected with, let’s say a 30% turn out. Imagine, if the other 70% voted! Firstly, in my area there were five choices; the big three and UKIP or the Greens; if the other 70% voted for either one, they would be elected instead. A vote for a fringe party is not a wasted vote IF you get out and do it! Remember, they were all fringe parties once!

Even if your vote doesn’t elect an alternative choice, when the analysis…

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