Breaking: DWP unit STOLE Seligman’s test


This will be brief, as I’m just making a quick stop on the motorway. The saga of the fake psychometric ‘test’, which the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has been forcing jobseekers to take under threat of losing their benefits, has just taken a very interesting turn.

Apparently, the US creators of the original test of 150 or so questions, from which the 48 questions for the DWP’s bogus test were taken, have read my blog and the Guardian article that spun off from it, and are going ballistic.

Because the DWP’s ‘nudge unit’ that devised the test as a means of cynically manipulating jobseekers, did not bother to get permission to use the questions in their ‘randomised control trial’ of its effects on hapless jobseekers.

They stole it. And the owners are livid about that, and about how they’ve used the ‘test’ without any of the usual…

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Is There Such a Thing as Ethical Capitalism?

Scriptonite Daily

In response to a growing realisation that neo-liberal capitalism is morally and literally bankrupt, Britain’s political leadership have attempted to provide visions of ethical capitalism for us to aspire to.  Today’s article explores the question  ‘Is there such a thing as ethical capitalism?’ and why it is being asked now.
What is Ethical?

Ethics is a form of philosophy which seeks to categorise, codify and champion concepts of right and wrong.  Not an easy task when what is considered right and wrong is almost, if not always, a matter of perception.

Some will seek to demonstrate the existence of an objective, universal morality with such arguments as ‘murder is a crime in almost every civilisation’. Yet, in most civilisations, soldiers are considered heroes.  Therefore in some cases, murder isn’t only not wrong, but right.  For other people, pacifism is absolute, taking a life is wrong in any…

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Show Your Dissent!


For those considering or who have decided not to vote; you think it isn’t worth it because they are all much alike. But when you think ‘all alike’ I will assume you mean the Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats. And I agree; but a vote for an independent or a fringe party will not make a difference- or will it?

Consider this; in your area, one of these three is elected with, let’s say a 30% turn out. Imagine, if the other 70% voted! Firstly, in my area there were five choices; the big three and UKIP or the Greens; if the other 70% voted for either one, they would be elected instead. A vote for a fringe party is not a wasted vote IF you get out and do it! Remember, they were all fringe parties once!

Even if your vote doesn’t elect an alternative choice, when the analysis…

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