An Important Call Out To Take Action NOW!! Update Round 2

Via PCS Union Email

Dear equality campaigners, 

Final push to save the general equality duty

Action now – please send the new updated email to MPs

Huge thanks to everyone for sending the campaign email to save our equality law. Nearly 4,000 people sent the email to their MP in just five days.

While most MPs voted on Tuesday to scrap our equality law, this was just the first round of voting on the issue. There will be another vote soon so we really need to apply the pressure once more.

The impact of your emails was significant. A lot of MPs are clearly troubled by the issue and refused to do what they were told by their political parties, and decided not to vote at all. A few in government were brave enough to vote against their parties altogether.

With one more massive push – with us and all our friends, colleagues and families sending the campaign email – we might succeed in getting them to take that extra step to voting against their government.

We’ve updated the wording of our email to MPs . Please send it to your MP again (particularly if they are in government) and send the link round to your friends, family and colleagues.

It is important that everyone does this, particularly if you/they live in a constituency of a government MP.

Please take two minutes now to send the automated message to your MP

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, please post a link using hashtag #saves3

Thank you so much for all your help and passion on this,

Natasha Burgess, Campaign Officer

Campaigns and Communications
Public and Commercial Services Union
PCS, 160 Falcon Rd, London SW11 2LN


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