Monday April 1st 2013 The Beginning To The End Of The Coalition

Monday April 1st 2013 some might say Black Monday and the start of poverty to many already suffering under capitalism but I say this it is not as bad as it looks, OK many will suffer the brutal con/dem policies and legislation inflicted on many of us but we must unite in our communities and show what real support is because it will get better and no doubt quicker than this Government thinks.

What we are seeing is history repeating itself in many ways think back to the downfall of Thatcher and Major they both made the wrong judgements back then as the con/dems are now.

I do not and hope that you do not see this as another Black Monday and doom and gloom for many hard pressed citizens because although for us there will be less money about we can counter that in part by uniting with fellow human beings and helping each other to soften the blow.

Our day WILL come because they cannot get away with it forever and as they say migrating birds fly home and all we need to do is carry on spreading the truth because news does travel fast, just look at that petition that was started today to challenge Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week that has already hit the press and state-side as well as hitting nearly 60,000 signatories.

I firmly believe this is not the end of our welfare state that the Government so dearly want but the beginning to the end of there draconian government.

Love and Peace to you all.