Update to my Complaint to my MP

I have an update to the saga I am having to endure with the DWP/JP+ and the complaint I made to my MP David Willetts, the complaint can be followed here for anyone who has not read it:


Following on from the link above this is the reply I got on the 13th March 2013

willetts letter 1 13-03-13

willetts letter 2 13-03-13

This Letter goes on about the WCA as if I have had one of these assessments which I have not it also appears if Job Centre Plus (JC+)has written this reply to my MP without first refering to my file held with JC+ and/or DWP.

It goes on to say that my medical conditions are not expected to get any better that is true in fact they are more than likely to get worse of the coming months and years so why have they put me in the WRAG Group because this is for those expected to return to work within a year and is they entry into the WRAG GROUP stops after one year surely they are not expecting me to sign on for JSA because if I did I would be breaking the law because my health conditions do not warrent me to sign on for JSA as I would not be fit to sign on as my health conditions are life long.

It also says that the support group is for those with the most severe medical conditions, well tell me just how severe is an SAH Stroke and the post stroke conditions it leaves because I can certainly tell you it is far from mild.

Now on the brightside because there is a wee glimmer of light, it tells me I can appeal even at this late stage and pass the 30 day time limit they were so keen to imform me off and not once did they state they could accept late appeals which could be a given for those with mental health issues.

I will mow be replying to my MP with the above in response to the letter above and also making a complaint to JC+ copying in the letter above with my appeal form.

I am making progress although slowly but the future looks a bit better than it was before the postman arrived yesterday and it is one fight I have no intention of losing.


6 thoughts on “Update to my Complaint to my MP

  1. Just saying..but I would have thought the high levels of stress you are constantly having to deal with can,t be doing you much good,In light of this, might it be an idea to request that the said morons sign an agreement should your health condition get worse due to stress caused by them..they should be responsible….

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