I’m all right Jack, Sod the rest

homelessThe title says it all does it not because that is were we are heading as a nation and this and similar images I will put here is a snap shot of what lies ahead all because of a few millionaire in parliament who cannot see the wood from the tress.

There was a debate in the commons today about bedroom tax only many Conservative and Liberal Democrats will be none the wiser because they were not there, you quite rightly would have thought on a subject so important to many they would have been doing the job they was elected to do by us and be their filling the commons to the brim but no it will not effect them so they believe they can be excused and that is an all to similar senorio that happens time and time again.

111021_rich_poor_gap_reut_328We already have two many citizens destitute and homeless often and if not in all cases through no fault of their own, it could be through lack of money and thus being evicted, it could be due to a marriage break up, it could even be because of an illness and/or mental health and having no family indeed the reasons are endless and as I said above in nearly all cases it is a circumstance not of their choosing and you would think this only happens in a 3rd world nations well think again because it is wide spread and happens in every major town and city in the UK.

There is no sign of it abating either and Government policy and legislation will just make a bad and embarrassing situation for the UK a lot worse.

Most of us do not want the riches and luxury lifestyle many aspire too all many of us want is a life that is moderately comfortable, a home and enough money to meet the ever rising cost of energy surely that is not too much to ask.work-with-homeless-people

We in the UK have this “I’m all right jack sod the rest attitude” and that HAS to change as David Cameron PM very recently said in India “The UK is the 6th largest economy in the world” now just think a moment….. if that is the case why are their so many homeless citizens and if that is the case just where exactly is all this money going? make any sense to you I hope not because it does not to me and the fact remains if that is the case there would be no need for anyone to live without a home.

Many more WILL be homeless in the coming months due to the bedroom tax all because a few MP’s wanted to snatch a miserly £14 per vacant room out of citizens already tight budgets and that is the most ill thought out piece of legislation I have ever come across.

On Friday 28th February 2013 I will be sleeping rough that night in Salisbury Cathedral I am doing it for a few reasons, to help raise funds for a very important homeless charity, to support a very good friend Jessica Mccarnun who has been campaigning on the bedroom tax issues, but more importantly because I have empathy with everyone who does not have a home.



Jessica’s Donation Page is below please if you can afford it help her in our efforts even if only 50p it all helps.




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