Are we missing something…… MP’s Code of Conduct


We all rant and rave about press ethics, but are MP’s not under the same principal of conduct? indeed they have to maintain and work within the code of conduct so why are we not holding them to account after all the price for breaking it can be high as this article shows.

While MPs have no statutory obligation to voters, the Commons code of conduct says they have a “general duty to act in the interests of the nation as a whole and a special duty to their constituents”.

MP’s are after all elected to office by us the electorate and thus work for us and the better good of our nation so we really should be pressing this home and holding them to account when legislation is not working because the way I see it they are getting a free ride into parliament and showing no accountability at all.

So many policies have been rushed through the commons, the lords and onto royal assent with very little if any public consultation or risk assessment this has to stop.

There is no better example than the Welfare Reform Act 2013, it is an absolute shambles as is the bedroom tax both unfair and unjust and too many citizens are suffering. It is like I have been encased in a bubble and passported back to the year 1913.

I am like many of you a disillusioned voter always been labour but now believe they are sitting on the fence and if they will not rise up to the challenge and end this barbarism we must play our part.

We can do that by challenging our MP’s at local level , we must kick up a stink in every MP’s surgery across our land what ever you are not happy with write to them it costs you nothing by going here: 

By flooding them with our grievances and holding our MP’s to account so they are inundated and thus making them work for there money perhaps we can bring change and show that we will not stand for this abuse of power and corruption anymore.

Your MP may not have had a hand in the legislation you are complaining about, but they are complicit and have a duty to follow due process to your satisfaction.

I have started here but hope you will follow:


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