David Willetts …who FAILS his FIRST obligation to his constituent …DUTY OF CARE..

On Friday 15th February I had an appointment with my MP David Willetts to try and get an explanation and some understanding of why the department of Works and Pensions are treating me like they are. I wanted to know why they put me straight into the WRAG group without an assessment because given my health conditions an assessment would have been highly likely and as much as I hate ATOS I still should have been given an assessment to put my case across.

The only reason I can think off as to why I was put straight into WRAG group from Incapacity Benefit is because they knew an appeal was unlikely due to the difficulty I have explaining my medical conditions and would miss the 30 day time limit in returning the appeal form after all my ESA 50 went back late and I had to grovel to get them to reinstate my benefit which they stopped due to the lateness in returning the forms.

This 30 day time limit is a grey area for those with mental health conditions as they struggle with compiling the evidence, filling in the forms and returning it all in that time span.

Mr Willetts letter to me is below:

David Willetts letter 22-02-03 1

In this letter he totally gets the facts of the appointment wrong but more importantly seems fit to judge me medically in an appointment that took no longer than 5 minutes, indeed one wonders where he got his medical qualification from….

My reply:

Saturday 23 February 2013

Dear David Willetts,

I received your letter this morning dated the 22nd February 2013 and
feel I need to respond to it as I was not impressed with the contents.

I left our meeting very disheartened as you came across totally clueless
and felt you could not wait to get rid of me indeed the meeting was
only a few minutes hardly enough time to put the issues across to you
and more so because of my clinical mental health.

You even had the gaul to ask me what the WRAG Group was, I appreciate
that that you will not know all legislation indeed their is so much no
MP will know it all, but you knew I was coming so should have
researched the legislation connected to the issues I was raising which
clearly you did not do so as my MP you have failed me greatly.

You also have a duty of care as per the code of conduct I saw no duty
of care what so ever and a bit of compassion and empathy would not have
hurt anyone.

In your letter you state a lie and one which I hope you will not repeat
to the job centre plus because it is far from the truth and I would
like to ask you when you was medically qualified to judge me as and I
quote “medically stable condition” just how can you come to that
conclusion in a meeting that took less than 5 minutes.

The letter you said you would send to jobcentre plus is also going to
the wrong place as I do not have an issue with them but do with the
Department of Work and Pensions of which it was their decision maker
that took it upon themselves to place me in WRAG group.

I will now make it clear to you what my medical conditions are but more
importantly how these conditions impact on me because since April 1990
I have spend a good part of my life trying to explain it to many people
because they do not understand and in many cases do not care and that
is a sad reflection of life.

I have for a long-time been stuck between a rock and a hard place
because of people who cannot see the wood between the trees and it
seems that is the case with you also.

You state in your letter that my medical condition is not expected to
change please tell me how you came to that judgment because I never
said that what I did say is it will not get better so putting me in the
WRAG group is not fair.

I had a bursts aneurysm of the middle cerebral artery and the medical
term for this is a subarachnoid haemorrhage commonly known as an SAH
Stroke because the oxegen starvation causes a stroke indeed I have
frontal and temporal lobe damage which has caused clinical mental
health and have problems in many areas like very poor working memory
and short term memory, low motivation and poor executive functioning.

I live in daily pain due to spasticity down my right side and have claw
hand and drop foot, I awake at night due to contractures and spasms of
my right calf muscles. the joints in my right toes and right fingers
are shot due to joint degeneration and is very painful this was
exacerbated by the manual labour I did in the years I did work post SAH
Stroke and the steel toecap boots I had to wear and the heavy lifting
did not help.

As I told you when I was made redundant in 2007 I tried for 6 months to
get my self back in employment because that is were I wanted to be
because I do understand the worth of being in employment but it quickly
dawned on me that it was going to be harder for me that for an able
bodied person due to my disabilities and the lack of full-time
employment, however not to be one that gave up I went back to my GP to
get a physiotherapy referral yes I was kidding myself that they could
heal the damage to my body anyway I had 3 appointments at the QA
Hospital and I was told it was not going to improve so still not
wanting to give up I went on a course with the sector skills centre at
waterlooville to up-skill myself in computing only I hit a barrier
there too due to poor working memory they was teaching me stuff then I
go home and forget it all.

During this time and all the years since my SAH Stroke I never claimed
a single penny in disability benefits or help that was my moral duty
and believed when the time came the Government would look after me what
a stupid thought that was because had a claimed all those years ago I
would not be in the very scary position I find myself in now.

I am now praying that my mortgage does not increase due to George
Osborne’s bad handling of the economy and the reduction in our nations
excellent triple A rating, I have always meet my payments in full every
month even by not claiming mortgage interest help a moral that many
MP’s do not have.

I hope this letter has made it CLEAR that I am not a scrounger but a
constituent in genuine need of help because I am tired of fighting this
con-dem/nation all I want is for medical conditions to be understood by
the government so I can get the support that I need which is well
overdue and live the remaining years of my life in peace with my caring
family and do the hours in voluntary work I can manage with out fear or
retribution from this government because I have done nothing wrong at
all and been a good citizen to the best of my ability.

Yours sincerely,

I await his response before I proceed further.


16 thoughts on “David Willetts …who FAILS his FIRST obligation to his constituent …DUTY OF CARE..

  1. Excuse my language, but this breaks my fucking heart. It’s SO common to hear of people who were ~ENTITLED to claim but didn’t out of a deeply held belief that we must manage on our own if we possibly can. I did it myself. This is the worst blow of being told we’re all scroungers. Appeal the WRAG for Support Group. You’ll get in. Sue Marsh

  2. yep another bloody tory who doesnt care one bit please pick your soap and towel up and follow me yep they want us to go quietly ,but forget their duty and humanity has they aint none we pay for the bankers loss but then they will jail us but not the bankers jeff3

  3. Sue I wish I could Appeal, but just like the claim I am out of time due to the 30 day rule which is grossly unfair for citizens like me. I had to grovel to get my claim reinstated and then hit the same issue again with the appeal my MP is not interested and showed no empathy at all so now I wait in hope that the MHRN Court case rules in my favour on mental health.

    Thank you for your comment.

  4. I had an appeal accepted 3 months after the 30 day deadline, you just have to show reasons whay it was late and have a good reason for this, they are supposed to notify you of your decision from your assessment or in your case just placed, if they don’t then you can appeal on these grounds..I did…

  5. OMG Dear Leon, thank you for tweeting me this earlier, just picked up here. Am gonna a Sue this effing breaks my heart and making my blood boil as I read this with my fiancé and all we could do is to hold you up to Jesus our Lord and hand this over to him cuz this cruelty, ignorance, every MP in this so-called government should be in shame. They are supposed to be there for us but they are not is all ‘B******t’ If one can’t reach out for the help and support badly overdue and needed foremost this sickens me to the core. My fiancé says Mr David Millets is a ‘Beligerent Old B*****d, In total contempt’ Indeed!!!! The yellow streak that runs down Cam-dem Nations Back. The day will come when they will have to Stand before the LORD!!!!! Please know Leon that you are in our Prayers each and every day as are all our fellow Sick and Disabled Brothers and Sisters God Bless. Blessings, Peace n Prayers your sister in Solidarity! Lizzie n Joshua xxx

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