My letter to the Daily Mirror

Dear Daily Mirror,

I write to you today with regards to the grossly unfair Work Capability Assessment (WCA) undertaken by ATOS Healthcare on behalf of the Secretary of State for Works and Pensions (DWP), as you may well know their is a Judicial Review of the WCA bring brought by the Mental Health Resistance Network (MHRN) on behalf of two anonymous mental health claimants I am told that it will be covered by press and media but I hope this is the case for you given your good coverage of this matter.

The result of this Judicial Review will have an impact of my own claim for the following reasons:

In April of 1990 I had an SAH Stroke it was so bad only surgery to clip the bleed would work and thus I had a deep invasive craniotomy to clip the bleed from the middle cerebral artery this resulted in causing a stroke and 2 mths of induced coma to aid healing indeed this is testament to our great NHS that our Government is intent of destroying.

At this point I was left disabled with right sided spasticity through no fault of my own I may add as I was born with this weak blood vessel indeed a ticking timebomb waiting to happen and thus my life from that point was going to be a hard uphill struggle because back then post stroke care was very limited indeed since then stroke care had improved greatly until the con/dems took office and we are now seeing services cut and thus a return to days of old.

Now I do not regret this tragic event that happened in my life in fact I am thankful because it has made me open my eyes and see things our politicians do not and so I find myself having Humanity, Compassion and more of an Understanding than those born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

Now I did and still do have morals and did not want to be a stay at home shirker with my curtains closed as Ian Duncan Smith puts it but wanted to get myself fit as can be so I could return to work after all I was only 27 then this I managed to archive 18 months later and it is where I stayed until 2007.

During this time although I had an entitlement to Disability Living Allowance, but I never claimed a penny why should I after all I had morals and thus because I was earning a good wage I did not need the extra money and rightly or wrongly thought their was others in more need than me.

However because I did my part for the Government in saving them cost and paying my taxes and national insurance I did claim in September 2007 on getting made redundant due to the financial bubble that was the real reason for this mess we are in now, although what I got was not a fair refection of my disabilities, but was happy I got the middle rate of the care component which helped along with the incapacity benefit so did not add cost by appealing this decision.

Now roll forward to the middle of 2012 and I found my self having to gather evidence and filling forms to claim ESA despite the DWP already having this information due to my DLA Claim indeed my mental and physical disability’s will not get any better not after living with it for almost 23 years.

I wrongly thought I would be put in the support group given my issues with working memory, executive functioning and motivation which is all clinical due to damaged frontal and temporal lobes and not laziness but no I was put in the wrag group without even an assessment so they only had documentary evidence to go on and as I am not all that good at putting things across on paper I found my self in a battle again.

My ESA form was back late due to my health conditions and I was first refused ESA and had to get my MP involved to reinstate my claim but again I was late on my appeal for the same reason and thus stuck in the wrong wrag group until the end of this year when my claim will end, 30 days is clearly not enough time for citizens like me and as the judge will draw on at the JR really they should gather the evidence themselves.

I am still not a scrounger as they put it because although I cannot get full time work due to the current economic climate and my disabilities I work voluntary in the community and about to take a role with the Stroke Association plus also caring for our disabled elderly mum at home who is 89 years old.

I hope you can print some or all of this in your paper because reality needs to be told, indeed for we have done and do we deserve a medal and certainly not the daily attacks we have dished on us.

Kindest Regards

Leon Carter

8 thoughts on “My letter to the Daily Mirror

  1. Very well put Leon, I am disabled too, a veteran with a psychological injury, I have memory and attention issues. ATOS have not sent for me yet, but when they do they will certainly find out what PTSD is all about mate. Good luck with your application, unfortunately compassion and understanding has gone out of the window and the treachery of the wealthy is upon us.

  2. please save yourself the stress of attending a :mock medical with mock Doctors, because even trying to get to one of these mock medicals puts you in the Catergory of being ok, Request a home visit [providing you are genuinely unwell and or disabled.with medical evidence] Have a witness present,.try and record the visit..small voice recorders cost about 15/20pounds, if you can,t afford one see if someone will go halves with you..I fully understand about PTSD its torture,. You don,t have to take my advice of course its up to you.. Example of a recent home visit to someone I know, A man of 59 very ill with leukemia plus other health problems with mobility etc,The ‘doctor’ said he was going to start with a lung function test but it did,nt work so he threw it on the chair saying we wont bother with that…The patient said would you like to sit down meaning on the sofa, the doctor said …have you got a stall as i prefer to be above someone i,m talking too….he then answered a call and was on his mobile for 12 minutes…he left not giving the ill man any information…4 days later when the man went to access his account he found his benefit had been drasticely cut …someone phoned the DWP and they said that he was no longer entitled as he did not pass the medical from the wonderful doctor that attended…they had,nt even sent a letter. that arrived a few days later.. The man was in a terrible state, he could not now have any heating on.. A straight to the point letter was then sent to the DWP which outlined absolutely everything that had happened in the man,s house…A reply was received which included an…wait for it…..apology . plus all benefits were reinstated…unfortunately the disgusting mental cruelty made the mans condition much worse and he has no quality of life now..But I still think there.s more of a chance to be treated fairly in your own home…I pray the review goes through…If it doesn,t then there really is widespread corruption not just in the government but stemming from it too.

  3. William thank you for taking the time to reply, I am sorry to hear about your health and disability issues, it is the reason I chose to fight these grave injustices.

    I wish you well.

  4. Anon,
    Not sure if your reply was to me or to William, but anyway I did not get the chance of an assessment as I was migrated from IB straight to ESA without an assessment thus denying my right to put my case across even if it is deeply flawed.

  5. I,m sorry to hear that happened to you….How were they even allowed to do such a thing when you,ve clearly not well? I try and leave messages wherever I can in the hope that it will be helpful…I get a lot of my information from my friend who works for inspire ,she has been dealing with the fall out from ATOS/DWP/JC PLUS and all the distraught people that have been treated so disgustingly by these morons…

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