Birdseye View Of The State Of Our NHS

QA HospitalWhilst I am proud to be living in an area that has a spanking new state of the art Hospital I am somewhat disappointed with the level of service it offers.

You see these past two weeks I have had the unfortunate privilege to visit it’s A&E Department twice the second time due to them failing to treat me properly the first time adding unnecessary expense at a time when NHS budgets are cut and many paying down PFI bills left from a previous Government.

Let me explain in more detail, I was working on my car using a chisel and it slipped cutting across my knuckles deep on my hand that has spasticity due to SAH Stroke and thus had to take a taxi to A&E due to the deepness of the cut and my concerns due to it being on my hand that has spasticity.

I thought right or wrong the main hospital was the place to go rather than the minor injuries unit at another hospital a bit further away.

Now given the deepness of this cut which was some 3″ long across my knuckles I thought they would stitch it given the movement of the skin when I try to bend my fingers and the fact that I do not have full control of muscle and nerves in that hand and thus movement of fingers is a spontaneous affair.

I was surprised when they said no, sterile butterfly strips will do the job nicely and me knowing they would not hold the 10 days until I had to visit the GP surgery for a dressing change, still I was hardly in a place to argue with the medical profession so took their word.

I was also not given any antibiotics or a tetanus jab quiet odd given the severity of the cut and the length of time since my last injection.

However I returned home and made an advanced appointment with the practitioner nurse at my GP surgery in 10 days time in the knowledge I was assured all will be ok.

This turned out to be wrong as 5 days later the wound became infected and my fingers swelled up and became very painful necessitating a return visit on Christmas Eve at 10pm, this was not a promising prospect given the time of day indeed there was a 7 hour waiting time.

The place was full of drunks and people with injuries caused by excess alcohol, but I took my place knowing that it had to be seen to and wrongly thought I would be seen according to seriousness of injury and thus I should not be too long I was wrong again as I did not get out until 5am in the morning feeling really shattered.

The nursing staff were apologetic of course but still they did not stitch the wound and just changed the dressings and gave me antibiotics this time although I had to insist as the practitioner nurse was in two minds whether I needed them, no doubt due to the cuts in the NHS budgets.

Despite this terrible turn of events I still do not blame the frontline medical staff because this is none of their doing indeed they are under staffed and in much pressure to turn around their patients.

This is no ones fault but the governments due to the cuts they have imposed on a hospital that was already struggling due to the PFI contract they are having to pay.

I went to my GP Surgery yesterday and was thankful for the more personal service I received the practitioner nurse at my GP surgery was not pleased with the service I had received at the hospital and said had it been stitched she would be taking then out today as it would have closed the wound and had a better healing process she also said I should have been given antibiotics on first visit and that due to my spasticity they should not have used elasticated bandages as they pull the bones and muscle in my spasticity hand making it more painful.

One other point she made is that leaving it for 10 days before visiting her is too long and should have been 3 days thus I have my next appointment with her this Thursday morning.

All this really should have gone smoothly without the need for another visit to the hospital but am now glad I am under the care of the GP surgery.


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