An open letter to Government

To whom it may concern,

I would like to write a unique account of how these cuts are affecting me and my family both in health and day to day living, because what this Government are doing is so wrong and are no more than a bunch of arrogant and uncaring posh boys that will do great harm to this nation if they are not stopped indeed the writing is already on the wall.

I watched the chancellor’s autumn statement and was horrified at what I was watching because they seem hell bent of swinging that wrecking ball all in the name of capitalism and the square mile that is the so called city, does humanity, compassion and understanding count for nothing anymore? Because they seem to have an “I’m alright jack” attitude that will do nothing to repair the damage left behind by the banking and financial sector and create growth that this nation is crying out for. Not a week goes by without still reading the damage done by our banking industry from Money laundering to libor rate fixing these are very serious issues and what happens? They get away with a fine that the citizens will end up paying for over the long term these are like I say very serious issues that the banks must be held account for and punished and not given a slap on the wrist.

The low paid, disabled, unemployed, elderly and single mothers are the ones paying for the mistakes, grave errors and no doubt criminality of the financial industry this is quite simply not fair at all.

Growth is what is needed and to create growth you need citizens from all walks of life spending as it is that alone that increases manufacturing and building, this is why this Governments policies will not work because the more citizens spend the more revenue in taxes is brought in to pay down the deficit, why is Osborne not listening?

The Welfare System is a very important part of our nation’s fabric and it should be added that welfare claimants are also tax payers indeed everyone is as there is no escaping from it because they will also be paying via vat, fuel duty, insurance premium tax and many others taxes imposed on its citizens indeed so much of what is paid in welfare benefits the Government claws back via taxation whether that be via stealth or any other method.

I am one of a few who choose not to believe what is written in the press as most if not all does not give the real facts and thus is written to confuse and deceive instead I use press articles as a medium to do my own research as that gives a more balanced view and a conclusion nearer to the truth.

As I said above I am disabled and thus under the cosh of this Government is that fair? Hell no as my text below will explain.

At the age of just 27 my life nearly ended so much so that my heart stopped beating on the operating table this my wife tells me, I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage of the middle cerebral artery that needed a 12 hr operation to carry out a deep invasive craniotomy so that the aneurysm could be clipped. I was then put under induced coma for 2 months to limit brain activity and help reduced the swelling of my brain due to the trauma caused.

This operation caused a stroke of which I was warned could happen by the surgeon but it was either that or die, so no choice really and thus gave consent for the operation, from this point my life changed completely as I was a wheelchair user at just 27 years old, however I was not one for giving up and chose the hard route back to relative fitness.

I am now 49 years old and have dumped the wheelchair but walking is still limited due to right sided spasticity indeed I will never regain 100% fitness and health, I have come to accept that although the DWP and ATOS think I will be fit enough to return to work in 11 months. My mind boggles how that will be possible.

You see I did return to full time employment for 17 yrs post stroke doing various manual labour jobs until the spasticity pain and joint degeneration got too much to bare any longer so on getting made redundant from my last job in 2007 I decided to take 6 months out to recover and seek more physiotherapy of my hand and drop foot in the hope I could continue with the job search because I am far from being a scrounger perceived by Government, I am old school and value the ethos of a working life as it was taught to me from a very early age from my late dad who was a serving Royal Marine from 42 Commando.

After this period of employment inactivity due to having a well earned break and having more physiotherapy I decided to look for more work as by this time I was getting bored at home and was far from being a lazy scrounger as this Government likes to call us however it was during the time of the banking crash and mass redundancies so jobs were few and far between but still refusing to give up until one employer committed discrimination and refused to interview me sighting that their was no way he could employ me with the disabilities I had and given that their was 16 able bodied citizens also in the queue for interview.

I so wish I could have brought him to tribunal however the is no employment law for interviewees so just had to suck it and move on, this employer said I would be better off on disability benefits if only he knew now how hard they are to get and keep if you do not tow the Governments line of mandatory work fare that now applies to all disabled citizens whether they can work or not.

So on the bus home in deep thought as to my next move I thought maybe he is right, why am I putting myself through this, after all I had been working for the last 17yrs full time often doing many hours overtime so maybe he is right and I should claim the benefits I have never claimed before but had entitlement too having paid my tax and national insurance all these past years since I returned to work and the years before the SAH Stroke.

Maybe then I could devote my time to caring for my elderly mother in law with my wife and doing some hours voluntary for the stroke association and/or league of friends as that would be working with citizens who care and understand the rock and a hard place I find myself in.

So that was my plan going forward which I am sure you will agree is honourable and worthy so I went back to my GP to explain this in the hope he would sign me off so I could claim Incapacity Benefit, this he did and I found my simple life being fulfilled and away from the dogma that the private sector is becoming in their pursuit for fat profits.

I never wanted to be rich just earning enough to pay my way and be the good British citizen is all I ever wanted and that still holds true as I find humanity, compassion and understanding greater than the power of money which I see as the beholder of war.

I am grateful of the SAH Stroke that struck me down in a matter of minutes why? Because it has made me the person I am today and I feel that is a better person than the one before however please tell me why I feel the need to watch prime ministers question time because all I see is a load of spoilt brats who feel the need to slander the opposite party, make derogatory remarks and belittle the British citizen indeed some of the quotes which I will not repeat here are simply disgusting and thus parliamentary standards have never been so low. Oh how this Government make their citizens out to be so bad which they pass to the press and media all in their pursuit to swell there bank balances never has the gap between the haves and the have not’s been so great they must be so proud of themselves oh to be an MP.

I have never claimed any disability benefits until October 2008 and never claimed any mortgage interest help because buying my home was my decision and thus fail to see why I should get help with that indeed I want to pay my mortgage by me and me alone as the feeling of ownership once paid will be greater, sadly I cannot say the same for our Government who think it is a god given right to have there mortgage interest paid on second homes the disparity between MP’s and its citizens is truly shocking indeed.

David Cameron once said that this Government would be transparent is that a true reflection I ask myself, well it depends in what context he uses the word transparent because in some ways yes he is because I and many others can see right through him and what his aims are like a sheet of glass on the shard building.

I now have a health condition called Keratinizing Squamous Metaplasia of the bladder as if the SAH Stroke was not enough to deal with it is a condition that not enough is known about but suffice to say it can lead to a carcinoma if not regularly kept in check via cystoscopy of the bladder.

I had to move GP because of a misdiagnosis and a failure to carry out a simple swab test that takes seconds to do and had he had done so the white blood cells in urine would have been spotted 2 years ago and possibly saved my bladder which now may have to be removed, I have another biopsy this Friday 14th December but as I have seen the cystoscopy images I know the prospect is not good a fine Christmas present indeed.

Have you ever had incontinence? It is not good having to have a radar key and having to plan everywhere I go to ensure toilets are available.

So again I find myself having to fight the DWP and ATOS to get the benefits I am entitled to, am I not disabled enough, over the years I have saved this wonderful government of ours thousands of pounds by not claiming benefit until their was a real need as I had an entitlement to Disability Living Allowance since April 1990 but did not claim this until October 2008 and never claimed support for mortgage interest.

We also care for our mum at home and would never dream of putting her in care so have saved this wonderful Government thousands of pounds their too and not forgetting the under payments since my claim due to them being wrong.

Do I really deserve the shocking treatment being given to me? Do I really deserve more cuts that will be imposed on us come April 2013? I truly believe not but then who am I to say as I am just a British citizen and no more than cannon fodder to be trampled on.

I live in hope that our wonderful Government sees the light and changes its ways before my life comes to an end and that I can then live out my life in peace without the constant worry of just what will this Government do next.

Finally I will apologise if this letter is blunt in places, however it is no more that is dished out by our government often on a day by day basis.

I look forward to hearing from you

9 thoughts on “An open letter to Government

  1. Excellent letter. I too am a SAH survivor and have suffered from mental health problems most of my life so no doubt I am viewed as a ‘benefit scrounger’ despite many years of voluntary work. Last week was my first Atos WCA and I’m awaiting the results… It is truly shocking how this government is treating some of the most vulnerable in society with contempt, in effect forcing us to ‘earn’ our welfare and punishing us with sanctions if we fail to do as they say or work for free.

    • Hen,

      I have frontal and temporal lobe damage that will not get better and the last 21 yrs since that SAH has been a daily struggle to get to work because those lobes deal with memory, motivation which is often put down to laziness and executive functioning.

      This Letter took me over a week to put together purely because of motivation and difficulty finding the right words to use.

      Like I say without educating and training employers I fail to see how I how will make any headroads into sustainable employment and thus the CBI and BIS are my next targets

      Watch this space!!

  2. Sir we’re in a similiar boat, I have a disabled daughter and did have a small(now defunct) business. We’ve had 4.5 years of hell we were promised that this Government would get the country back on it’s feet after the mess let by labour just giving our money to the banks , however that hasn’t happened and the banks still refuse to lend and labour is looking like the better party!! I too watch the poltical programmes, nothing better to do in the daytime and this country is a farce, I never thought I’d be ashamed to be British, but I am. My husband and father served in the forces, I worked all my life sometimes up to 90 hours a week in my own business but it is all gone, I.m keeping my head above water but if I went bankrupt I’d get housing benefit amongst other things and be so much better off. I have tenants in my buy to let property who was in receipt of £26k annually yet my husband and I earn £17 annually where’s the justice in that? Two of my six children now live in New Zealand one because despite a £27k deposit and him and his partner earning 47k between them when he sold his house the banks wouldn’t give him another mortgage to be closer to his partners work at the local hospital(she’s a nurse) so they left this country what a waste of all her training!! Enough is Enough thank you for your well written piece above we need things like this to help get what’s really happening across.

  3. Best of luck with the scan tomorrow. I agree wholeheartedly with all of your letter. I sincerely hope that it doesn’t fall on deaf ears, but as we both know this government is filled with callous indignant millionaires who either don’t care or don’t care enough about those less fortunate than themselves (which includes most of the population).

    I just hope that you get a genuine response and not some cringing stock reply filled with “party line” sentiment and disgusting platitudes.

    Best of Luck, Andy

    • Andy

      It is a biopsy I have tomorrow, you are right I have written to my MP countless times and it has all fallen on deaf ears and thus not responded to the questions I ask and instead like you say just spill the party line which as you know is a waste of the excellent paper they use.

      Perhaps they could cut the stationary bill by using bog standard A4 paper for such replies.

  4. im a full time carer for my disabled husband, we cannot share a bed due to his intense pain upon touch – if i were to turn over and knock him in the night it would be agony for him, sometimes he cannot even bare to be in the same room as someone never mind the same bed. For the past 15 years ive slept on our sofa, not good sleep either as i need to be alert for when he needs help getting to the toilet and also to give him his pain killing injections and other medications. I very rarely get more than 4 hours sleep a night.

    Our eldest is moving out to get married next year and i was so looking forward to having a bed again, i was going to be right next door in my own room, not having to go up and down the stairs all the time. As it stands i can do this but will still have to pay as i will still be classed as being under-occupying. How is this fair?

    We also have been waiting for a through-floor wheelchair lift for my husband as our stairs are too narrow to accommodate a stairlift. We were assessed and told we would have no trouble with this one day when the small box room became vacant, we knew one day it would be vacant so were quite excited by this – my husbands illness dictates that he will be in a wheelchair one day and this was a weight off our mind. I would still be able to fit a bed in the room for me, so there wouldve been no problem there either.

    We have lived in this home 30 years, raised our family here and spent loads of money on our home, we have had adaptations inside and out (wetroom, ramp, handrails, raised toilet to name a couple) for my husband to have this home easy for him to live in. Do we now have to go to a smaller home with me still sleeping on the sofa and having to wait years for the adaptations to be done again?

    Do we have to leave all our hard work behind for the council to rip out and trash to enable someone else to come occupy our home and maybe never give it any of the love we did – have you seen the state of some people’s home’s these days? The council should be happy we have looked after our home and improved on what was a horrible house the day we moved in – the garden was over-looked and full of weeds – i have landscaped it and laid paving down and some lovely flowers which would have to be left behind, most have memories associated to them. Im sure within a couple of months of us moving out our home will be ruined and i really feel sorry for my neighbours – they have been lovely all the years weve been neighbours and we help each other out – that will be another loss. I know i can go do our shopping and if one of my children werent available i could call on my neighbour to help out while im gone for half hour and vice versa – my neighbours are elderly and also under-occupying but they are rightfully exempt because of their age. We will be leaving our support network which isnt fair either.

    This problem has arose because theyve filled this country to the brim and now there arent enough homes so we are the ones they are picking on.

    So, i will have to pay more for the same size home ive lived in all these years, being penalised because i wont give in to blackmail and leave my home behind. When we signed up for council housing we were living in a large, detached home and my husband was a manager of a well known firm – he became ill and had to resign, hence, we gave up our home and moved into council housing because we knew we couldnt afford it. We were assured a home for life but, it seems that doesnt stand anymore.

    I hope we all win in our fight and get them to stop penalising the sick, elderly and disabled – its cruel and unfair. We dont smoke, drink or gamble our money away, we have never been in trouble with the police, nor have our children, we are good honourable people whos children have really good careers and are themselves upstanding citizens. Maybe i shouldve kept having child after child even though we knew we couldnt afford them, once my husband got ill we knew there would be no more children as it wasnt fair on them. If i had another 3 or 4 children waiting in the wings to move in the room i would be ok because by the time they left home we would be elderly. So much for being upstanding citizens.

    • Mag,

      I really feel for you and understand where you are coming from totally, Has your council/housing association said that you are on the list to move? how long have you had the wetroom? because their is usually a clause that says if you move out within 5 yrs of it being installed you have to pay some of the costs so this maybe a reason to use so you can stay as they cannot expect you to pay this.

      Do you mind if I pass you comments onto someone who is actively fighting bedroom tax and will be on the one show as she really needs stories like this to show the injustice of it.



  5. I also could have claimed disability benefits from 1991 When I had ulcerative colitis and had my large bowel removed. but I never did not until 2007 when I had a stroke, and because of time spent trying to get benefit at the time I was unable to spend that crucial 2 years doing the physio I should have to recover as best I could so now its too late. I cant walk very far, not far enough to get out of my estate, and with the changes to DLA to PIP will mean I will lose my car, and I now also have bronchiactasis, which is a chronic lung disease, which along with the pain and fatigue from the stroke, leaves me unable to do very much at all, so if I lose my car I lose my ability to leave my home at all. and as there is now no time allowed to appeal for my car, I WILL LOSE THE £450 deposit I scrimped and saved to get the car that suited my life perfectly, I considered it a price worth paying for the 3 years I would usually have it but to lose it due to a dodgy assessment is JUST NOT FAIR!?
    PLEASE ADD MY NAME and comments to your letter.
    Sharon Root, ME19 6RT

    • Sharon,

      Thank You for taking the time to reply I am regretful for all comments good or bad , It shows that my situation is far from isolated and I am all the more disgusted with the Government, DWP and ATOS.

      I have thus far tweeted this post as much as possible and was going to mail it to Government but have decided to delay that due to the replies I am getting to give wonderful citizens a chance to leave a reply.

      I will be getting this off though after Christmas when Government restarts.


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