SWU News: The Social Welfare Union has established new ‘steering group’ management committee to work on policy and constitution areas etc.

Steven Preece who has been a tireless campaigner with social welfare  for a long while and was the creator of the Social Welfare Union (SWU) website and Facebook pages wanted to expand his venture around the UK so as to have a greater impact and reach even more people who were facing great difficulty under the Govt welfare reforms, however it was not possible for him to do this alone so set about recruiting people with a similar background to set up a steering group to work on policy and constitution areas etc.

I was kindly asked along with a few others around the UK so I have used my blog to say a big Thank You Steven as we can now go forth and multiply and really reach out to those that need a helping hand as well as campaigning to bring justice to the many who are suffering under this Govt brutal regime.

Many People will be affected by these welfare reforms and it is a misconception that just the ill and disabled citizens will be affected, that is far from it even the working class will suffer the same fate under child tax credit, working tax credit, income support and many other benefits indeed it is going to get a whole lot worse come 2013 so Steven was right to bring more people into his welfare union because the Govt is wrong and totally on the wrong path because a return to a growing economy needs all citizens included and not just the chosen few.

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