GP’s must do more to support Disabled Persons with Disability Benefit Claims.

Like us disabled persons most GP’s are stuck between a rock and a hard place in offering support with disability benefit claims on the grounds of disability this is no doubt due to pressure from the GOVT, DWP and ATOS plus a fear of there GMC licence to practice being at threat.

This is clearly wrong no GP should have to fear for the lose of there registration for helping a claimant claim what is rightfully a just entitlement.

The BMA and LMC’S have made there stance on such matters of the WCA very clear and have thus vetoed it in it’s current form however many GP,s are probably not aware of these latest events due to the eminence pressure they are already under so we must take it to them and write setting out quiet clearly why they must support disability benefits claimants.

To that end I have prepared a letter below which I will be hand delivering to my medical practice, anyone who reads my blog is more than welcome to copy and paste my letter and edit to suit there circumstances then use to imform there GP.

Letter Below:

Dear Dr …..,

I write to you today requiring your support, as you may know on the 22nd and 23rd May 2012 at the LMC Conference in Liverpool the Hampshire and Isle of Wight LMC along with the Scottish LMC carried a motion that the BMA should veto the DWP work capability Assessment (WCA) in totality this motion was carried and voted on unanimously.

I am sure that you understand that this WCA is unfit for purpose and falls hard on the most vulnerable in society and the coalition Govt has totally failed the genuinely disabled persons in our society I ask the question just what has become of our country a nation that ranks in the top 10 of wealth and can afford to look after our most vulnerable citizens and treat them with respect and compassion.

I am not sure if you are aware but two persons who must remain anonymous by order of the Judge has brought a Judicial Review (JR) in the high court this JR has been granted to be heard on a date to be confirmed and centres around the WCA and persons with mental health conditions as they were totally ignored when the ESA 50 form and it’s descriptors were written and released.

I hope that this court case is won as it will open the door for a further JR to be brought to scrape it in its current form and force the Govt to rewrite it so it relates to all with mental and physical health conditions.

You may also be aware of two TV documentaries on the BBC and CH4 recently that were shown back to back one of which had an undercover GP at ATOS Healthcare and these assessments were described as TOXIC by one ATOS healthcare Trainer, I watched these as part of my research and could not believe what I was seeing clearly this cannot go on.

I do not need to remind you of your duties under your GMC registration but suffice to say there is much that GP, s can do to end this farcical nonsense and it is now time that all GP’s stood fast with their patients and as per the BMA vote and helped them in every way they can as GP’s are well aware of who the genuine cases for disability benefits support are.

I hear of many cases in my disability research of were GP’s are not supportive because they say ATOS/DWP walk all over them and do not take medical evidence sent into consideration, this must stop and GP’s must reunite as they all now have the backing of the BMA and many colleges so their registrations are not under threat. I do understand how hard it must be for the medical profession in these matters; however it can be 10 fold for our most vulnerable citizens who need to be supported. This neither the medical profession or our Govt see as it happens in the household the majority of the time.

What the Govt, DWP and ATOS are doing is law breaking and it goes against the EHRC and especially Article 27, how can this be allowed to happen?

I am well aware that GP’s as a whole do a good job, but the truth is many are simply too busy to keep track of what is happening in the world of disability and benefits especially now the NHS is under greater attack from this Govt., However what we see and hear here is a situation that strikes right at the heart of many families and thus has a greater impact on how they manage and cope with daily living.

Ian Duncan Smith MP and Chris Grayling MP simply think everyone is a prime target for work and thus there is no such thing as a disability and if there was they should offer a pay cut to gain employment that is nothing short of draconian and far from reality the truth is no employer would take on someone with a disability over an able bodied person as it quite simply does not fit in with their ideal of business I know as I have been in that situation and asked the questions.

We live in a world where profit and money is king and disability and profit do not go hand in hand that is the stark reality and one that I have accepted and instead go down a path of work in the voluntary sector that suits me as I am with a section of society that understands and thus can make allowances.

I am on Incapacity Benefit and am just one of many citizens that is facing the cuts under the Govt welfare reform, welfare reform by the way is a term I would not chose to use as what we have here is the biggest threat to welfare in 60 years and thus it is affecting many hard far harder than any Govt is prepared to reveal

Dr Allen I worked for 17 yrs in manual labour jobs post SAH Stroke and it just got too much to bear as the spasticity pain was too great I had to make a choice as to whether carry on and shorten my life span or leave and seek other avenues that were not such a burden on my body, however my employer got there first and made me redundant in September 2007 not a good time at the start of the first recession so I felt it was a good time to enter the voluntary sector and claim Incapacity Benefit this works for me very well and it is where I feel most happy.

It now seems that this cannot continue as I am being verbally bullied by the DWP and no doubt shortly by ATOS as I am awaiting the dreaded WCA the DWP have already sanctioned me once and stopped my Incapacity Benefit due to me not returning the form within their draconian time limit of 30 days I did manage to get it reinstated by writing to them but it should not have happened anyway due to Mental Health issues and in particular poor Executive Function. That letter is enclosed for you to attach to my medical records.

I am formally asking you for your full support in my endeavours to seek rightful and just justice as I am not a benefit scrounger as the Govt perceive and have real health conditions both physical and mental that entitles me to the support they offer and are trying their hardest to cut because only then can I be at harmony with myself and my loving family.

All this stress and worry is taking up too much of my time that could be better spent helping others more than I do now.

Shortly I will be applying for copies of my medical records so I would be grateful if your practice manager could assist with that and I also ask if you could provide a medical statement detailing my stroke and urology conditions so that I can forward it to the Dept of Work and Pensions.

I apologize for the long letter but felt it had to be said

Yours Sincerely

One thought on “GP’s must do more to support Disabled Persons with Disability Benefit Claims.

  1. Another point I’d add would be that currently some GP’s charge to write covering letters for appeals and others invoice the letters to the DWP, this is because writing of letters is not covered by their NHS pay. There needs to be clarity about what GP’s are to do in this situation as most disabled people cannot regularly afford to pay pout up to £20 to have a supporting letter written every time they are forced to appeal or go for re-assessment under the flawed WCA.

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