Doom And Gloom Where Is The Happiness

I have Imagebeen studying many sources lately from BBC Question Time, Blogs, Forums, Twitter, Press and the Person on the Street and what has struck me is the Doom and Gloom that this Government of ours has bred.

Now I am not saying for one moment this is wrong because citizens are right to not be happy, as much damage has been done that will take years to fix.

Only today we have had many from the medical profession go on strike. What is all that about? Surely they deserve to be treated well by our Government. After all, they may well one day be saving your life as they did me and that you cannot put a price on, believe me I have been there. Then you have the many disabled citizens and their carers who in the most part have paid into the Government rightly angered over the brutal cuts to their benefits and the hard full on attack with the work capability assessment. No wonder people are aggravated but does it stop there, oh no of course not.

You have the unemployed who have had enough of the DWP and the Job Centres lack of understanding of just how tough it is to find meaningful full time employment and all the while being pushed into workfare programmes that will do little in their job prospects. What about the disabled citizens and the Remploy Centres they so relied on for there employment they do not want to lose them it is where they felt safe and wanted when will this Government understand workfare is not for them with mainstream employers so what if these places where not profitable some things you cannot put a price on.

So what am I getting at here? Well in every section of Society there is anger, depression, anxiety whether you are young, middle aged, elderly, working, unemployed or have a disability, This Government needs to show compassion and instil some happiness. Why?

Because happiness is one massive word that breeds, it leads to many things like fitter people who in turn will be happy to please. It leads to better productivity in the work place which in turn pleases their superiors. It leads to better cash flow that in turn leads to expansion and jobs that in turn leads to a happier Prime Minister as cash flow is increased and less people claiming JSA.

Austerity is not the be all and end all. We can get this country back on it’s feet and working again with less Doom and Gloom and more, buckets more happiness but that has to come from the top, the Government.

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