Gosport boy suffers a stroke after catching chickenpox

A SEVEN-year-old boy suffered a stroke – brought on by chickenpox.

Alex Roantree-Roesch suddenly collapsed in his living room and was found by dad, Mike.

He was rushed to hospital where medics confirmed he had suffered a stroke.

Doctors believe it was connected to the chickenpox he had nine months earlier.

Mike, of Coronado Road in Elson, Gosport, said: ‘It was three days before Christmas, my wife Angie was out doing some shopping at Asda and I was washing up in the kitchen.

‘I heard this bang so I went into the living room and went to pick Alex up.

‘His legs were buckled under him and he was like a rag doll.

‘I asked him where it hurt and got nothing out of him, then he let out this moan, a horrid sort of wail, and then it was like someone flicked a switch and he just switched off.’

Alex added: ‘I lost control of my hands after I was watching cartoons on telly.

‘I don’t really remember much of it.

‘I know I’m not as well as I used to be and I do find some things difficult now.’

Although rare, strokes have a recognised link to chickenpox.

According to the Stroke Association, one child in 25,000 suffers a stroke as a result of the virus because it shrinks the arteries.

Mum Angela, 35, said: ‘The doctors said the only thing they could put it down to was the chickenpox, after they had eliminated everything else.’

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