Are you a #DWP Jobcentre Customer, on a Welfare to Work(fare) Programme or worried about a referral? Then you need to Protect YOUR Personal Information!

Are you a #DWP Jobcentre Customer, on a Welfare to Work(fare) Programme or worried about a referral? Then you need to Protect YOUR Personal Information!

May 28, 2012 by Dawn Willis

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and from Adam Loutun:

“ I was at the “HOW DO WE BREAK WORKFARE NATIONAL CONFERENCE” in Brighton yesterday – I must thank Brighton DPAC for supporting me with paying for my petrol to get there and back, it was very much appreciated – amongst the discussions and workshops that took place, I found out about the following website:

I would urge everyone to share this website around as you do not have to sign any consent forms, despite the threats of sanctions of benefits made by Job Centre Plus Advisors and Workfare Providers. In fact you can withdraw any previous consent that you signed away, as it is clear that no-one was ever provided with the correct information about their rights of signing consent forms.

I have seen evidence of A4e Consent Forms having had changes and/or additions made to them despite the clear guidelines from DWP Ministers and DWP Guidance Notes stating that no such things were allowed.

I would encourage everyone who have ever had any dealings with the Labour Exchange / Employment Service / Jobcentre and Job Centre Plus to withdraw their signed or implied consent so that they are unable to share any of your personal information with any 3rd Party Contractors and/or Agents.

Withdrawing consent for sharing your personal details will frustrate WORKFARE Providers as they will then be unable to claim any outcome payments for anyone they have placed into forced labour situations or if anyone has gained employment under their own steam. Apparently Providers such as A4e are very keen to claim large outcome payments by confirming that individuals have gained EMPLOYMENT as they have signed off benefits and informed Job Centre Plus that are now employed by a employer, and this information is then shared with Providers who chase the employer for confirmation and then claim the large financial outcome payments.

I hope that people use this information to ensure that their personal details are kept secure by the DWP and not shared with any providers who then use this information for their own personal gain, I have even seen statements on consent forms from A4e stating that by signing the consent forms, they are agreeing for their personal data to be disclosed to “…Jobcentre Plus, the Department of Work & Pensions, the European Social Fund and legitimate organisations or employers.”

I HOPE THAT THIS INFORMATION IS USEFUL TO EVERYONE and I shall be writing to Job Centre Plus and the DWP to withdraw any consent that I may have given them in the past, as I was not informed of my rights regarding the signing of consent forms by them at the time – this will also mean that they cannot share my personal details with the likes of ATOS or any of their other Contractors and/or Partners, and I am hoping that I will then not be referred to ATOS for any further WCA Assessments, but that I will be able to state that I wish to be assessed by my GP or Hospital Consultant(s)…”